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Uses for Personalised Boxes

There are some great uses for personalised boxes, to commemorate a special occasion or date, to advertise your brand to a broader audience and to label the contents of the items inside, are just a few. Let’s look at some uses and occasions where personalised boxes work really well. 

Wedding favours

Weddings are special occasions; families, friends and loved ones come together to share the couple’s special day. Wedding favours can come in many forms. Many couples choose to give their guests wedding favours to thank them for coming to the wedding and sharing the experience. Many couples choose to give a few different items that are special to the couple. This could be their favourite drink or a type of sweet or treat related to the couple. A lovely way to package these gifts is for the couple to buy personalised wedding favour boxes that include the name of the couple and the date they got married. This is a lovely keepsake and a reminder of the special day that everyone shared together. Guests can take home the personalised wedding boxes and use them in their homes. 

Memory boxes

Parents often like to keep items from when their children are growing up. This could be their first dummy, a lock of hair, early birthday cards and clothing items. Once the children get older, they can show them the memories collected over the years. Parents can also look back fondly on the years when their children were small. A personalised memory box is a good place for parents to keep all of their memories together. Memory boxes are often given as a gift when a child is first born; they include the baby’s name and date of birth. Memory boxes are a great way to keep a selection of memories, and the limited space prevents parents from keeping too many items that might take up a lot of space. 

Product packaging

Companies may choose to put their products in personalised boxes; these boxes can include the logo and brand name of the company. They may also include messaging that helps get across the company’s values. Personalised boxes can be very beneficial to businesses; they provide an additional way to advertise to the customer and others around them. Brand recognition is important in business; the more your brand is recognised, the more consumers trust your products. This is the case even if a consumer has never purchased anything from your business. By simply adding your logo to the outside of your packaging, you can increase brand recognition between your target market and others that come into contact with your packaging. It is also important for the consumer experience, especially for luxury items; consumers judge their whole experience from start to finish, including the box’s opening and the journey of buying a product online. If a consumer has a good experience from start to finish, they’re more likely to provide a positive review for your company and repeat purchases. 


The gifting market is huge; people are always looking for easy ways to buy gifts online that are ready to be given to the recipient. A personalised box can increase the value of a gift, enabling the person who buys the product to alter the gift to make it more tailored and unique to the person they’re giving it to and the occasion they’re celebrating. Boxes don’t necessarily have to be personalised with a person’s name or message. Making a gift box look attractive eliminates the need for wrapping paper and makes it stand out against other items that are packaged in plain kraft boxes. You could have several designs that are suitable for different occasions, a Christmas-themed gift box and a generic boy or girl gift box.

If you’re a business looking for a way to add value to your products, you could try offering personalised boxes or simply adding your brand to the outside of your packaging to increase brand awareness. Many people are willing to pay a premium for personalised boxes; they can be used for many different purposes to add value and improve the experience of those using and receiving them. It may surprise you how much of a difference it can make in your brand recognition if you choose to add your logo to the outside of your packaging.