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10 Hacks For The Perfect Gaming Setup

Suppose you’re a seasoned gamer or have an avid gamer in your household. In that case, you probably already have a fantastic personalised setup, complete with multiple monitors, LED lights and a top-of-the-range headset. 

However, there are still ways of improving your gaming setup with hacks and products so you can create a comfortable, zen environment worthy of an expert gamer. From innovative products to game-changing hacks, here are ten suggestions. 

Wireless Charging Headset Dock

A great way to avoid desk clutter – a wireless charger for your headset cuts out the dreaded “wire spaghetti” and enables you to put it somewhere safe when not in use. Some models feature multiple USB ports for your other gadgets so that you can charge your various other pieces of equipment at the same time.

Cable Organisers

Many gadgets and accessories amount to a setup teeming with wires. Aside from the use of wireless technology, you can keep unruly cables in check with cable organisers. Cable organisers come in various designs, helping you get your chords under control or even hide them completely. 

Noise-Cancelling Mic Adapter

There’s nothing more distracting than being in the midst of an online multiplayer and hearing the sound of the rustling of snacks or a very vocal pet coming from your teammate’s mic. Noise cancelling adapters improve headset communication by using AI to filter out any background noise, negating the need for additional software or setup. 

Control Deck

Control decks are small, fully programmable operating systems that allow you to control games and apps and monitor your system. Particularly if you are a streamer, these pieces of hardware enable you to make commands, change cameras or fiddle with settings without having to leave your game. 

Keyboard Cleaning

Dirt, food crumbs, grease and pet hair, are nemeses of the keyboard. Dirt particles are likely to build up over time, making your keyboard difficult to use, leading to damage. Prevent this from happening with specifically designed brushes, air dusters or even slime-like cleaning putty that removes dirt by picking up dust and grime on its tacky surface. It is also wise to maintain keyboard hygiene by regularly wiping your keyboard down with disinfectant wipes or cotton buds and a gentle cleanser. 

Air Purifier

Air purifiers are designed to remove impurities from the air such as dust, pollen, pet dander, mould and other allergens. Sanitised air alleviates the symptoms of allergies, lessening the risk of respiratory complications. Not only this, but they are beneficial to the health of your technology – air purifiers significantly reduce the amount of dust and debris that enter your PC via the intake fans.

Screen Wipes

If you’ve invested in one of the best gaming monitors you can find, you’ll want to keep it in mint condition for an optimised gaming experience. Regularly remove any dust from the screen with a dry microfiber cloth. Any smudges or fingerprints can be dealt with by using pre-moistened cleansing wipes – ensure the product you use contains a gentle solution suitable for monitors with a low isopropyl alcohol percentage (70% or lower) to reduce the risk of damage. 

Memory Foam Ergonomic Cushion

There are several ways of making your gaming chair more comfortable. Extra lumbar support improves posture and can prevent back pain. Memory foam is high energy absorbent, and soft, providing optimal pressure relief. Adding a memory foam cushion to your gaming chair offers a high degree of comfort, enabling you to sit and enjoy gaming for much longer.


Aesthetically pleasing surroundings can make a huge difference when immersing yourself in your passion. A fun way to enhance your gaming setup is by decorating the environment to reflect your personality and gaming style. Consider the lighting and furniture – are you relaxed and comfortable? You may want to decorate your setup with your favourite character figurines or retro consoles and accessories. 

Mini Fridge

Introducing a mini fridge into your setup allows you to keep yourself hydrated and focused without interrupting your gaming flow. When concentrating for long periods of time, it’s easy to ignore those feelings of thirst and hunger, so keep your favourite drinks and snacks to hand with this handy little appliance that slots stealthily into the tightest of places.