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What Type of Motorcycle Shoes Should You Buy?

When it comes to motorcycle protection, there is a vast array of options and information available. In order to fully understand and make what may initially seem to be the most straightforward decisions, it can be very confusing. Take, for example, motorcycle shoes; there are thousands of different types of shoes on the market, each providing a slightly different advantage over the next. The shoes you choose to buy should be based on what is best for your situation. In this article, we look at the different types of motorcycle shoes on the market and what each one offers. 

Long motorcycle boots

For the most protection, long motorcycle boots are the best choice. They extend past your ankle and up to your shins, where the stiff material protects you from impact. These boots are designed for the job; they are often waterproof to protect you from the rain and have added protection inside the boot to protect your toes and ankle. If your bike falls on your foot, these are the best boots to protect your bones from damage. Long motorcycle boots can be expensive compared to shorter motorcycle shoes. They are also much stiffer and can be more uncomfortable and hot to wear. Getting long motorcycle boots on and off is also a challenging task compared to short motorcycle shoes. Overall long motorcycle boots provide much more protection for your feet, shins and ankles, but this protection comes at a price. 

Casual riding shoes

Motorcycle riding shoes are not the same as regular trainers or high top shoes. They provide additional protection above and beyond a standard trainer, making them more suitable for motorcycle riders. However, they look much more like casual shoes than long motorcycle boots. You can also get more variety in the styles, shapes, colors, and materials of motorcycle riding shoes. If you want to opt for a motorcycle’s shoes with the most protection, you should look for a protected heel, reinforced toe box, protection of the ankle bone and reinforced soles. 

These elements can help protect your feet from road impact and road abrasion. The best summer motorcycle shoes will include all of these protective elements in a single pair of shoes without getting too hot, while winter shoes will be more insulated. Some riders prefer motorcycle shoes as they offer a balance between providing protection and comfort for the rider. 

Normal boots or trainers

Some riders opt to wear standard boots or trainers when riding their bike over short distances or around town. Although this is the most convenient option, it is not recommended. Regular shoes or trainers do not provide your feet and ankles with the support and protection to stop severe injury in an accident. Laces are also a common danger; laces can become caught or wrapped around areas on the bike, resulting in the rider falling off or the bike falling onto the rider. Lace accidents are more common than you might think, so specialist motorcycle boots and shoes do not have exposed laces or anything that can become caught on the bike. 

Your feet and ankles can be damaged even when you wear the most advanced motorcycle boots with complete protection. When it comes to accidents, there is never any guarantee that a specific part of your body, such as your feet or ankles, won’t be damaged. However, the more protection you have on your feet, the less severe the injury. You must also decide if safety is more important than convenience; shorter motorcycle shoes provide some protection but not as much as long boots. However, they are far more convenient, easier to walk in, and much easier to take on and off when you are out and about. For beginner motorbike riders, full protection is recommended; there is a much higher risk of losing your balance or the bike falling on the rider. Beginner bikers may also put their feet down at the wrong moment causing abrasion to the bottom of their shoes. A correctly fitting long motorcycle boot will protect the rider in all of these situations; more advanced riders may opt for comfort over protection once they have the experience and skills to control and handle their bike without any issues fully.


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