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Top 10 Gifts To Last A Lifetime

When selecting a gift for a friend or loved one, durability is an important factor. We would all prefer to give something that will be loved and cherished for many years. A memorable gift speaks volumes, so give that special person something they deserve that will stand the test of time. If you need some inspiration, here are ten suggestions.

1. Cast Iron Cookware

When seasoned and cared for properly, a cast casserole dish or skillet will last for generations. Made from one single forged piece of iron, these heavy-duty, versatile pans are designed to last. A treasured stovetop staple for centuries, it is easy to see why these pieces of kitchenware make fantastic gifts.

2. Countertop Mixer

A top-quality countertop mixer is an investment that can last decades. If your loved one is a keen baker, these pieces of equipment will save them hours of heavy-duty mixing and kneading as the robust mixing mechanism does all the hard work for them. You might even get some baked treats as a thank-you! 

3. Kitchen Knives

One last one for the ambitious chefs. A top-tier carbon steel kitchen knife is a necessity for anybody with a passion for food and cooking. As long as these blades are cared for, kept clean of rust, regularly sharpened and never put in the dishwasher, they will last a lifetime. 

4. Classic Literature

The reading of classic literature has been linked to several benefits – improved vocabulary, attention span and emotional intelligence, being just a few. Since its release in 1813, an estimated 20 million copies of the timeless classic Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen have been sold worldwide. Consider buying your loved one a set of leatherbound classic novels, which will look stunning perched on their bookshelf. 

5. Jewellery

It may be cliché, but there is a reason jewellery makes for such a treasured gift. It is likely a timeless piece of quality jewellery will not only be treasured for life but passed down as an heirloom. Opting for something custom-made adds an extra element of uniqueness to this already thoughtful and memorable gift option.

6. Photo Album

In this age of technology and digital archiving, printed photographs are becoming less popular.; however, flicking through a physical photo album can be an incredibly heart-warming, nostalgic experience that can be enjoyed as a family activity. Curate a scrapbook with photos of special memories. You could even include hand-written notes, ticket stubs, dried flowers and drawings, so get creative!

7. Clothing

When it comes to gifts with durability, clothing can be a tricky one. If you bestow upon your loved one a garment that will last, opt for sustainable fabrics that will hold up in the long run. For example, cashmere upholds a reputation for being one of the most durable fabrics you can buy. A pure cashmere scarf doesn’t bring forth the dilemma of incorrect sizing and, when treated with due care and respect, will be a long-lasting statement accessory. 

8. Leather Bag

On the subject of durable accessories, if scarves aren’t suited to your giftee, then perhaps they’d prefer a genuine leather bag. Made to suit every style and occasion, a high-quality leather bag is both practical and stylish. Some manufacturers offer the option for their products to be embossed with initials for an added personal touch.

9. A Tree

If your loved one spends a good deal of time in their garden, a young tree purchased from your local garden centre, will give them something to nurture as they watch it grow and bloom. If their garden is modest, consider a medium-sized variety such as acer, bay, hawthorn or magnolia. A fruit tree (perhaps apple or fig) is the gift that keeps on giving as it bears fruit yearly. 

10. Experience Day

What gift could possibly be more everlasting than that of a wonderful memory? Book a wine tasting session, spa day, cooking workshop or even skydiving trip; perhaps even a short break, somewhere away from the daily grind. Memories are precious so give your loved one the gift of quality time spent with their favourite people, doing something they’ll never forget.